• With over 70 year's experience, Lehavot has long been recognized pioneer and leading provider of high quality Fire Protection systems.
  • Lehavot products comply with the most stringent international standards and approvals such as FM, UL, EN, CE, MIL specs, and other.
  • Tailor-made and customised solutions.
  • Lehavot systems operational on various Indian Naval ships.
  • Proven and Reliable systems.
Fire Extinguishing System for the Galley

Lehavot’s WCK fire extinguishing system is a pre-engineered system designed to provide fire protection for deep fat fryers, hoods, and ductwork within the galley. The system extinguishes fires associated with deep fat fryers by spraying the plenum area, filters, and fryer surfaces with a potassium-based liquid fire suppressant at a predetermined flow rate.